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2009 Irini Miga

My clay sculptural works and colored pencils drawings are characterized by fine details seeking to capture the gaze of the viewer while giving him the freedom to shape his own interpretations. The synopsis of the distinct parts and their visual connections lead to new questions of content for the underlying concept. Similarly, these connections add a whimsical and humorous layer bordering to the parodic.
From a very early age, family visual stimuli as well as local environment imagery exerted a big impact on me. Having been raised in Thessalia, one of Greece’s richest areas in tradition and mythology since antiquity, my surroundings consisted of rural areas with animal farms under the shadow of mount Olympus and at the same time urban themes within one of the biggest cities of my country. There, I grew up among traditional embroideries of my grandmother and agricultural tools of my grandfather. In my research I try to recreate a personal diary of memories of the past by placing old events and images to a new scenery of contemporary reality. I often use personal as well as historical references with an allegoric gaze to reality, with one of my main aims being to establish a dialogue between past and present. Some of my sources are personal imagery, memory and subconscious, Greek local traditional art as well as elements from the broader history of art. Objects charged with powers that surpass them, reminding thus the old alchemistic preposition about the spirit of the material, become symbols of a dreamy displacement of reality. Key influences of my works include, Jung’s theory about Symbols and his ‘Process of Individualization’ where dreams obey a grand scheme while they still depend on the very personal interpretation of the individual. From the world of literature, Mikhail Bulgakov Fernando Pesoa and Franz Kafka shaped my perception for illusionary labyrinthical recreations of reality.