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2016 Jenson Anto

Engaging with the ‘Found’ finds a resonance with variation in levels of interactive play. Material sourced from the surrounding finds its way into the studio to enable an array of permutations and combinations. In a similar vein, they move outside the studio space to engage with the elements. In the process of acquiring material the ‘Found’ has evolved in range to include objects, raw material, audio and measurements. The moment of ‘Play’ with the available material becomes an anchor for development of the work. Juggling with numbers, balance, sourced material and structural buildup the work finds its way through series of drawings, images, audio, video and sculpture.
Transformations that occur during this process have the inevitable direction of resulting in the act of object making. Hands on approach with the material, toying and playing to understand its pros and cons maintain the flow of the work process. Failures in the explorations add to the general buildup of the work as it tries to follow a path towards its realization. In the end, the object making process undergoes a transformation to a reversal or taking up of a different path. In that way the object made gets into another play of travel and exploration.