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2017 Priyanka Govil

The journey started after the arrival here with the onset of spring and departure
of winters. There were footprints everywhere of departing winter. Outside the
door, under the trees, near the river, everywhere winter was leaving its marks
for the spring and summer to cover!! I started to collect them and began to make
small shrines for the remains of mighty winter. The ‘shrines’ came from temples
where they serve as an important element for the representation of deities. The
shrines became smaller and brought with them some old parts of my practice.

The mark making with the help of Sanganeri handmade paper (it comes from a
small village called Sanganer near Jaipur. The paper is been made by people
called ‘Kagzis’ from many generations and not sold in any shop in India) became
epitome of the existing mark making in my works by pen, pencils, colors and

The collected stones that gets stuck under my shoes while walking by the river,
the fallen pieces of tree barks with moss, the leaves, pine needles and the hails
that fell in mid April and other materials became objects of my interest and
found their way back to my studio. I targeted to give them spaces in the shrines I
was making but then also decided to give them their own individual space
(without a shrine) and use some stories to describe their way into the space
given to me here.

Through these I want to tell stories of my present that became important as they
were about journeys and experiences; along with the stories of past told by my
father in the form of many poems. To all this collection of objects and its making I
want to call as ‘Museum of Memories’, the recollections from the past
amalgamating with the retentions of present.