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Anna-Maria Bauer

Anna-Maria Bauer works intensively with materials, focussing on order, rhythm and structure. Her drawings, objects, fountain designs, sound installations and art in the built environment interventions all originate from her interest in the morphology of the tortoise shell. She reads the contours of the hard outer shell, the growth lines on the tortoise shell or the underlying bone fissures. She then transforms this information according to her own rules into geometrically strict, sometimes poetic subjects. 

The sculptor always insists on beauty and harmony within in her work. In the thirty years of her artistic career Anna-Maria Bauer has developed her own design language and creates challenging works with an impressive visual presence. The personal website of the artist documents important works that have been created in recent years by the sculptor. It also shows the artist as a passionate collector of unique rarities and gives us an insight into the current artistic research which is taking Anna-Maria Bauer in unexpected and innovative directions.  

Kathrin Frauenfelder

Kunsthistorikerin, Zürich