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Katrin Zuzáková

The Art of plumbing the senses
The Sculptor Katrin Zuzàkovà

What do we see?

Brilliance! A shining person, wide awake, a sunny disposition, but no lightweight.
Someone of amazing intensity, without complication. What I would like to call natural (though it rarely is).
In her art, Katrin Zuzàkovà takes on board the sensuality of the material, heeding every aspect of the physical act of creation, the art of searching and transforming in form and material alike.
Transformation as a cyclical renewal in drawing and sculpture, as a natural not an imposed female topic?
That goes against the grain.
A woman doesn’t do women’s art. Femininity is how you see yourself. That is agreeable.
Allow me to comment as a teacher and observer of art scenes:
I like this woman artist because she doesn’t subject herself to the trends of fashion.
It does seem, as though at the moment it is no longer possible to win a prize without justifiability, wrapped in casual, meagre or trashy installations with virtual media implementation.
In any case, what Katrin Zuzàkovà does is quite different.
She is not interested in a beautified form, or a reality. She is searching out the essence of things, their actual being, and their potency.
Katrin Zuzàkovà looks at context, absorbs and creates. The outcome is the dialogue with what evolves, in attention, surprise, active intervention and intensive referencing, sometimes just leaving the evolving work and taking it as it is.
Every picture, created from a similar source, seeks or finds its own individuality, reveals its being. Powers become active, even as a spot in the oil as ink or paint, by cutting into wood. The power of the material and the effect of engaging in the material…an association pops up, preoccupying topics find their form in drawing and sculpture.
Look carefully at these sculptures, carved out with a chain saw without causing injury, just enough to reveal the essence, left in the natural state, these figures are not sullied by refinement.
Katrin Zuzàkovà, an original woman, free from the problems in the contemporary context of art. I feel gripped by her work, and she seems to give something back in this world which is so much in need of directness, intensity and sensitivity. She offers us life in an increasingly purely functional world.
 I hope you would like to participate in this attitude. The works which have evolved are what the artist brings them. Pictures are active. Come and enjoy being exposed again and again to this effect.

Prof. Bruno Bussmann,  HGK Luzern