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Dominique Vigne: Born 1981
Nina von Meiss: Born 1978
Christina Pfander: Born 1980

Live and work in Zurich, Switzerland



1997-2001 F + F, Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign, Zurich, Switzerland

Mickry 3 was founded in 1998 by Christina Pfander, Dominique Vigne and Nina von Meiss. The collaboration began with their ‘M3 Supermarkt’ installation. The installation contained over 1000 hand-made products. The objects ranged from ‘happy pills’ and human organs to a female orgasm, all wrapped in cellophane and on sale at bargain prices.  
The motto ‘making inexpensive art for all’ allowed them to infiltrate simultaneously the methods of the art market and the art world itself. Mickry 3 constantly makes references to past events in art history within their oeuvre. They use image concepts and designs as a starting point and to create a response. 
Copying and interpreting is a recurring element of the work, the focus of which is the search for new meanings.
The work of Mickry 3 has evolved and reshaped itself repeatedly over the last three years. A crucial theme within the entire oeuvre of Mickry3, is to poke fun at society and its customs using their own style of humour. Their work aims to criticise in a fun and amusing way, without issuing a cautionary message.
Mickry 3 has been a member of the AZB since 2006 (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zürcher Bildhauer). [Zurich Sculptors’ Association] 
The environment at the AZB has been a significant influence on the group. It has provided inspiration as they develop their own art practice, specifically in sculpture, with a focus on installation work.
Mickry 3 work exclusively as a Collective.