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lilian hasler

“Structural Encounter”

Je meera India structure he or structural encounter daily business he. Dekko, if you try to explore the indian habits through western eyes, you’ll be always wrong. There is no exact indian way. It is a wide net of incredible practice and you have to scope with them on different levels.

I’ll do my best and try to do my daily work, clash through the structures and collect all the pictures kyou atta he for free.  


“Hybrid World “

Is a body of work, done in India for the last 5 years, most influenced by the enormous sculptural works, that surround me daily, on the streets, in the temples, deep inside of farmer houses, where you never would exspect such precious sculptures.

India is more than a collecting space, it is a big huge salad bowl, full of different ingredients, every single item clearly visible, together a powerful desi garam masala! I’m in the middle of it, no way out, you’ll never escape, once you fell through the shiny, coloured, glitzy Indian surface.

I’m between and in the middle of nowhere, right on the edge and deeply rooted in the centre. This habits leaks through my work. I will always win.


kya houa? artist he?

or artificial kaam karnekeliye, kya, kya

ha – do leberer or me, Lilian Madem.

Abhi adhi desi he, islie thora personel

kaam karnekeliye, lekkin ful disein karnekeliye!